Come! Share the Journey of Family Heritage Stories, Laced With Patterns of Living Throughout Generations of Time. We Are All A Remnant of A Rich Tapestry, Waiting to Be Rewoven Together.


Many of us find ourselves longing for a connection to something, or someone from the days we cannot touch; sometimes inspired by a photograph or a scrap of withering notation we found tucked away between the pages of a book in a long-forgotten trunk, or some emotion we cannot ignore. There seems to be a common thread that connects us all to the past; be it a name, an expression, or a geographical placement in this timeline we call mortality. Whatever it is that connects us, and draws our thoughts and hearts to one another, seems to be the passion that brings us to this blogging thing. My hope for any connection leads me to share with you some commonalities in blogging, daring to claim a place among the great writers; but if nothing more than my own journaling, it will be a tangible way for me to make sense of my own individuality, vulnerabilities, and emotions as I continue on this journey called life. I hope this blog may encourage and uplift.


My passion for all that's beautiful holds me captive! The world around me beckons with motion, color, texture, fragrance, and swirling patterns of design. I am a seamstress and designer, laying the foundation for analyzing patterns in fashion as well as in life. I tend to see patterns in many aspects of living; with quite an analytical way of thinking. I love family.I am married to a wonderful husband, who is disabled, so my focus stays on my family. Between the two of us we have 6 children and 16 grandchildren, with one great grandchild. I have a love for history, and a passion for vintage collections and heirloom art. With that said, many of my works of art are created from recycled garments, vintage finds,and heirloom collections. Family History has been a fascinating hobby for me. My mother and I have spent many years gathering information, pouring over old photos, taking trips, and exchanging research data; all the while discovering how we are so much alike. From our past we now see ourselves.

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Lisa Taisey said...

Thanks for his beautiful blog! I searched and read for over an hour to find how the surname CLIFFORD is related to you. CLIFFORD was my gg grandmother from IRELAND and I have a beautiful old picture of her and her sister ANNIE CLIFFORD O'HARA and copied from ancestry 1870 BOSTON census of My GG gandfather Mortimer (O) SULLIVAN and a JOHN, ELLEN, MARY, JOHANNA CLIFFORD living under the same roof in Boston. I am still in the process of unfolding the IRISH BOSTON clan so let me know if there is a connection. SLAINTE, LISA SULLIVAN TAISEY