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Many of us find ourselves longing for a connection to something, or someone from the days we cannot touch; sometimes inspired by a photograph or a scrap of withering notation we found tucked away between the pages of a book in a long-forgotten trunk, or some emotion we cannot ignore. There seems to be a common thread that connects us all to the past; be it a name, an expression, or a geographical placement in this timeline we call mortality. Whatever it is that connects us, and draws our thoughts and hearts to one another, seems to be the passion that brings us to this blogging thing. My hope for any connection leads me to share with you some commonalities in blogging, daring to claim a place among the great writers; but if nothing more than my own journaling, it will be a tangible way for me to make sense of my own individuality, vulnerabilities, and emotions as I continue on this journey called life. I hope this blog may encourage and uplift.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Not just One, But Three!

Wow! the gifts of Patience and Tenacity are bearing fruit! My new cousin, Jim, just sent me an email sharing with me a letter written by his grandmother, Hazel Green Conser, the grand daughter of Charles Francis Patterson and great grand daughter of John D Patterson, who is the brother of my 3rd great grandmother, Margaret Lucretia Patterson Bullard. Well, I don't expect you all to get that straight; but for me, it is so gratifying to know that somewhere in time and in this vast cyber space of information, there is a connection so sweet as to create a lift that lasts!
So, what is all of the excitement about? In his correspondence, he reveals portions of the letter that was written specifically for genealogical purpose, in which Hazel recalls the siblings of her grandfather, Charles.
As I have been corresponding with Jim lately, we concluded that there must have been some male siblings that we had not located yet, as revealed in the collaboration of Census searches. Today, after he had discovered this letter from his grandmother, which incidentally had  been in his possession for some time, he verified that, in fact, there are two other brothers that we had not known about, but had just recently suspected.
So,  with Jim coming into the picture recently, adding another male sibling to my family of Pattersons, he has increased the numbers by not ONE, but THREE!
Several months ago, I decided to change my focus, because something was missing in my life. I knew what it was, because my life's work has been to increase my family, both here on earth and beyond the grave. Whenever I have left the path to pursue more worldly passions, I have been drawn back to what brings me more joy and gratification than anything else I could ever do. Raising my family of 5 wonderful children, and being rewarded with such beautiful and gentle people as adults; is my first and greatest joy. The second, is to know that family lives beyond this mortal tabernacle, and can reach down to us in this time and space, and connect us to each other with threads of compassion and comfort, healing that emptiness that we sometimes feel, even when surrounded with a roomful of  laughing people!
What Joy is Family! 

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TCasteel said...

It is always fun to connect with cousins and discover 'new' relatives. That is one of the perks of posting your family tree online.
Theresa (Tangled Trees)