Come! Share the Journey of Family Heritage Stories, Laced With Patterns of Living Throughout Generations of Time. We Are All A Remnant of A Rich Tapestry, Waiting to Be Rewoven Together.


Many of us find ourselves longing for a connection to something, or someone from the days we cannot touch; sometimes inspired by a photograph or a scrap of withering notation we found tucked away between the pages of a book in a long-forgotten trunk, or some emotion we cannot ignore. There seems to be a common thread that connects us all to the past; be it a name, an expression, or a geographical placement in this timeline we call mortality. Whatever it is that connects us, and draws our thoughts and hearts to one another, seems to be the passion that brings us to this blogging thing. My hope for any connection leads me to share with you some commonalities in blogging, daring to claim a place among the great writers; but if nothing more than my own journaling, it will be a tangible way for me to make sense of my own individuality, vulnerabilities, and emotions as I continue on this journey called life. I hope this blog may encourage and uplift.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Balancing and Passion

I suppose many of you who share this passion called genealogy, share the same dilemma: Balancing all of the duties and pleasures of life,while meeting the demands of those tugs on the heart from somewhere in time. I am amazed at the countless hours that have gone into this hobby/passion/obsession. One thing I can say,though, is that the reward of solving pieces of my family puzzle is far more gratifying than anything else I could have done in my life; except for caring for my living family. So, I guess F-A-M-I-L-Y is what this life is all about. I can even call my friends family, because we have shared those sacred commonalities in word and deed; to the point of building on a foundation of love and trust. I hope this writing might touch the hearts of my readers in recognition of the strands of thread that weave us all together into one human family.


Jacqi Stevens said...

Brenda, I enjoyed taking a look around your blog, finding tantalizing tidbits in your mention of Columbus, the surname Bullard, and the event in Sacramento. This promises to be a beautifully written collection, and I look forward to reading more!

Brenda Clifford said...

Hi Jacqi,
Thank you for your comment. I was researching today, so needless to say, did not get to blogging. That Balancing thing again. It sounds like you have an interest in Bullard, and possibly Columbus, Ohio? I am always excited when I connect with "cousins". In fact, I was researching on My Patterson line in Kentucky, today, because I was contacted by a cousin, who found one of my posts I posted on Genforum some years back. I am so glad when someone picks up on something written long ago, and we can make a connection.
I am looking forward to posting more tidbits on my family and research

Carla Lee said...

Hello Brenda...and welcome to Geneabloggers! You have a wonderful blog site, and you write beautifully.

I've found that I often cannot write every day on my blog. You mentioned in your comment to Jacqi that you hadn't gotten around to it. My plan when I began my blog was most certainly to write every day. But life (and research!) often gets in the way. So, keep on writing - whenever you can!

I'm so glad I found your blog. :)